Lies, damned lies and statitistics…

Julia Klöckner CDU has jumped on the SPD Mainz car-crash bandwagon by yelping the “90% are for the bridge” mantra. She throws in her lot with Kurt Beck and Hendrik Hering, even though she is a former German Wine Queen who should at least be aware that the Riesling under threat with the coming road is the best continuous stretch of top class Riesling in the entire world. Such a poll does not exist as far as anyone sensible can ascertain, but there was however a real survey in Zeltingen-Rachtig in 1999 (by the unaligned political parties that govern the village) which found that 80% of local people were against the project. Of course, such a figure has no bearing on the situation for two reasons. Firstly the village decided it could not afford a legal battle with the state, and secondly the state have made it plain that they are willing to sacrifice a few Mosel villages and the top Riesling vineyards for the benefit of everyone else in Rheinland-Pfalz. I say benefit, but this is a highly contentious point when you look at the raison d’être for the project, which by 2010 can be soundly refuted with concrete facts and figures.


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