Heavyweight opposition, still scratching their heads


World-class vintner Willi Schaefer explores the building sites of the Mosel Madness with top wine writer Stuart Pigott. The building workers however were not impressed, and demanded that we did not photograph. They seemed to think we were carrying out some sort of industrial espionage, although we failed to understand the importance of protecting right royal stupidity…


The logging of the cut trees is underway… But there are still a fair amount of prize examples worth protecting, as Stuart demonstrates in the second photo

The latest government survey says: Only 30% of the trench for the road would sit on the detrimental side of the water divide. Perhaps they mean 30% of the 26km from the existing motorway from Belgium to the two-lane winter-frozen Hunsrückhöhenstraße, the 30% in fact which would have a direct impact on the water distribution to the vineyards of Zeltingen, Weheln and Graach below. When you walk the route above the vineyards, you can see which side of the divide you are on… Anyone for a glass of Willi Schaefer’s finest?


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