Minister Hering receives Hypocrite of the Year award

The protest action at the Steilagenzentrum on Dec 3rd was well attended and colourful. Tractors were lined up and decorated, and a long queue of protestors formed to welcome Minister Hendrik Hering to the opening ceremony. Minister Hering received his award gracefully and stopped to listen to the protestors. We came along to point out that it is rather nonsensical to celebrate the uniqueness of the world-famous Middle Mosel steep winemountain slopes when you are at the same time overseeing a huge construction project which may in the worst case damage these beautiful slopes’ ability to produce such superlative wines, and in the best case will simply render this inspirational and renowned part of the Mosel a complete and utter eyesore. Please think again Herr Hering, Herr Beck. This project is not a fitting legacy.


On behalf of Pro-Mosel Ulla Decker presents Hendrik Hering with his award for Hypocrite Of the Year Rheinland-Pfalz 2010. Elisabeth Reis gives the Minister a savings packet endorsed by 23,000 signatures sitting in wait at the Bundestag Petitions Committee



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