Time to pull the plug, Mr. Ramsauer?

Today we have some useful news. Ulrike Höfken and Jutta Blatzheim-Roegler of the Green Party have pressed the national Ministry of Transport for a new cost-benefit analysis of the project, as the last one dates from 1992. They have finally received a reply.

In 1992 the ratio was 3.4 to 1. That means that for every Euro spent the project was estimated to generate 3.4 in return.

During the recent round of spending cuts, the Federal Minister for Transport Peter Ramsauer announced that no projects would get the go ahead which came in with a figure of less than 4 to 1. This fact was heartening for us, but it did not seem to be strong enough for the Ministry to stop a project already underway.

The newly calculated figure shows a current cost-benefit ratio of only 1.8 to 1. This is so appallingly low that it might just encourage a rethink. The Greens now call for the project to be buried and in its place a regional transport strategy implemented which can support the economic interests of the Middle Mosel – namely tourism and wine.

We still need the world and his wife to keep their fingers crossed…

Decanter cover this news.



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