Beck comes out in favour of Heimat

Kurt Beck of the ruling SPD party in Rheinland-Pfalz declared today that he will fight his upcoming state election campaign on the theme of Heimat (a slightly expanded expression of the English notion of ‘home’).

His concept seems to be: “The world is so bad, you need to have a nice place where you enjoy living…. Vote for me.” Mr. Beck, if only you were not in the process of destroying a place that touches the hearts of people from around the globe, you might be on to something (other than a bandwagon). Ever considered protecting your Heimat from your delusions of grandeur?

Still, the CDU won’t be able to afford to put up an election battle at all – they will soon be fined around €800,000 for stealing €400,000 from the Rheinland-Pfalz taxpayers to fund their last campaign in 2006.

Beck’s party are also fighting for their reputation after entering into a ridiculous scheme to build an oversized theme park development at the racing track Nürburgring. After giving all their money to a fake developer, eventually getting some of it back from Switzerland (minus the huge transfer fees and a bit of lost sleep over the chance it may already have been stolen), then having to fund the entire white elephant from the tax purse, they are also licking their wounds at being told off by the National Audit Office.

If it all gets too desperate, there may soon be a huge bridge for the politicians to come and lob themselves off. If all goes to plan, we will soon be able to promote the Middle Mosel as a prime suicide destination.

RLP seems to be a magnet for unwise investment to subsidise aggressive business monopolists such as Michael O’Leary and Bernie Ecclestone. (You are) Welcome to our enjoyable Heimat!



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