Watch this space

We are gearing up for some election action, as there is still a chance of a red / green coalition in Rheinland-Pfalz at the end of March. If that happens the HMÜ will be firmly on the agenda to be wrangled over in the initial negotiations. No guarantees of course, but you can tell the ruling politicians are more than a little twitchy on the issue when journalists ask them about it, which happens fairly frequently.

On the downside, they started scuffing up the land here on the approaches to the bridge again as soon as the big thaw came along. Everyone seems to be rolling up their sleeves now, and the gloves will soon be off. Seconds away, round 11.

We will soon start to prepare for the final round in midsummer if the fools-that-be get started on the bridge. Have a think about visiting us here in the Middle Mosel on your summer holidays with your entire entourage of friends and family…!

Oh and please spread the news that the bridge has not yet been started, I have read some websites that seem to think it is all over.


4 thoughts on “Watch this space

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you. The solution lies within German borders of course, but our cause is furthered by the support we receive from the rest of the world. The politicians do not like the pressure caused by publicity, and it is the international wine world who have managed to fix this story high on the press agenda in Germany. We are always looking to find a channel for the enthusiasm of those passionate souls such as yourself who are yearning to give more direct help. Now that the petition process is drawing to a close, perhaps the next good idea will come from one of you who is watching in horror as this project progresses. Please have a long think about what else can be done to show the German politicians how much the sleepy Mosel valley is valued as an enduring cultural treasure by the global community. The majority of Moselaners sorely need to realise it too!

  2. Matthieu Guinard

    I was in Mosel late September where I discussed about this issue. It is obvious that solutions are to be found within Germany. I am completely stuned that some people, even in ??rzig, don’t see the problem!One solution might have been also to try and get the UNESCO protection (by trying to get approved as in the World Heritage list).

  3. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, this process has been blocked more than once in Germany, although wished for by many and worked on by officials. It was known that UNESCO status would jeopardise this bridge project. That is the level of idiocy we are dealing with – politicians want only economic growth, but are unwilling to consider any model other than road construction. And we all know that in this day and age that alone will not guarantee enough jobs, so why not put energy into properly developing our already established gifts – tourism and wine? It simply doesn’t make any sense, unless there is something else behind this project that we don’t yet know about.


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