The obscured view from Mainz…

They say Moselaners can’t see over the edges of the valley, well it is certain that from Mainz they cannot see into it from above.

„Was  an  jeder  Kuhweide  an  der  Mosel möglich ist, muss trotz Unesco-Status auch am Mittelrhein bei St. Goar zu realisieren sein“ meinte unser Landtagspräsident Joachim Mertes (SPD) aus dem 1000 Seelendorf Buch im Hunsrück.

Talking about the proposed Mosel and Rhine bridges, this statement of ignorance from president of the state parliament Joachim Mertes reads: “What is possible in every cow pasture on the Mosel, must also be realised in spite of UNESCO status in the Middle Rhine at St. Goar”.

In the Mosel it seems we only need cow dung to produce world class wine. Elsewhere else it takes a lot more effort!

This clearly shows you the view of the Mosel from Mainz. (I suggest they invest in a powerful telescope and reading glasses so that they can swiftly learn to appreciate what the rest of the world already values…) It speaks volumes that our Prime Minister Kurt ‘Koala’ Beck prides himself on being a Commandeur of the Brotherhood of Knights of Wine-Tasting Cups (Chevaliers du Tastevin), the exclusive club of Burgundy wine enthusiasts. Their stated aims: To hold in high regard and encourage the use of the products of Burgundy, particularly her great wines and her regional cuisine. To maintain and revive the festivities, customs and traditions of Burgundian folklore and to encourage people from all over the world to visit Burgundy. Er, hello Monsieur Beck?

A lot of our problem stems from jealousy and rivalry. On the one hand some of the politicians are failed winemakers, and on the other Mainz only courts winemakers from the regions were the most voters are to be found. The fact that there are such well respected and world class vintners at the Mosel drives even the local politicians to the edge of insanity. How else could we end up in the ridiculous situation where they not only fail to promote the unique wonders of Mosel wine, but actively work to destroy its perfect growing conditions and envious worldwide reputation?


One thought on “The obscured view from Mainz…

  1. Matthieu Guinard

    The statement is absolutely shocking, this is just nonsense. How come can he not understand that the Mosel Valley is exceptional. It is one of a kind and once destroyed, there just wont be any longer no other place like that, and we are even speaking of the very best location in Mosel. That kind of sentence really could drive me crazy! Pick a Riesling from any low quality terroir and one from Graach and just let him taste the difference!


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