Catching up, crazy times, Catch 22 anyone?

Several interesting things have been happening over the past few weeks, beginning with a strange utterance from local SPD (ruling party) candidate Bernd Spindler, for the district Bernkastel-Wittlich post of Landrat (leader of the district). He said that the bridge might not be built, and that looking from outside it was possible to say that it is perhaps not a good idea to build it. Even weirder, the local newspaper (SPD inclined) wrote about his election speech and half of their article was precisely this distinctly off-message bridge talk.…

Secondly, Kurt Beck visited nearby Traben-Trarbach for a rally to invited audience only. A decent demo was there to greet him, including members of the klitzekliene ring group of ever-so-good winemakers with their tractors out in force in freezing conditions. Even the police were impressed. Beck however did not even stop to say hello, he merely dashed from car to door and turned back for a measly wave accompanied by his customary insincere ear-to-ear grin. He did not mention the Hochmoselübergang at the meeting, despite being asked about it continuously at that time by the press – curious as to what he will say about it as a coalition topic if he ends up working with the Greens after March 27th. Curiously, he claims that the issue is out of his hands because it is a project of the national government. Funny that in Berlin they claim that the HMÜ only goes ahead if Rheinland-Pfalz wants it…


2 thoughts on “Catching up, crazy times, Catch 22 anyone?

  1. Matthieu Guinard

    I read that already a few weeks ago. This is not a big thing but it is indeed very interesting… could be great they change their mind (really, not just to win the elections…)


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