Are the pigs squealing before the slaughter?

The CDU – set to become the opposition party in RLP,  just released a press statement calling for a commitment from the SPD to build the bridge – in view of Ramsauer’s threat to pull the plug. The main thrust of their reasoning, if you can call it that, is nothing more than a spurious doomsday prediction about the security of thousands of jobs and “the future of our youth” if it does not go ahead (coupled with the Middle Rhine Bridge and Frankfurt Hahn airport). [They of course care nothing for the measurable loss of jobs that their plan would bring in tourism, nor reckon with missing out on the golden chance to develop the Mittel Mosel into a first class wine destination.]

And the point of their hysterical declaration is to exhort the SPD to save them from a dramatic U-turn. Strangely, the SPD is quiet. But it is even more strange that the name of the leading candidate of the CDU does not appear on this statement signed by four of her underlings. Perhaps this is because she still sees a glimmer of hope in enticing the Greens into a conservative coalition. Julia Klöckner, what do you say to your minions? Should they shut up while the serious work is being done?


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