The Green’s position on the HM?? in the new parliament

“We will still do everything to stop this senseless project, we know that the ball is with the Federal Republic in Berlin, but the Federal Republic does not have endless amounts of money, also the Federal Republic has to apply the debt brake, and if Rheinland-Pfalz arrives as a state at another position – which we will work for – the Federal Republic will consider whether to realise the project.”

Daniel Köbler, joint leader RLP parliamentary Green Party speaking to SWR. My translation.

For ‘Federal Republic’ read: national government (in German simply Bund for short).

Couple this with Federal Transport Minister Ramsauer’s statement yesterday, effectively disavowing the project. (See below for further info.)

In other great news – the unbelievably expensive and badly planned rail project Stuttgart 21 has had a building freeze applied until the new state government is formed.


One thought on “The Green’s position on the HM?? in the new parliament

  1. Anonymous

    I find this situation particularly funny, because Kurt Beck has been saying for the past few weeks that this is a Federal project – suddenly trying to wash his hands of any responsibility for it and thus demonstrating he wishes to duck any uncomfortable decision that may need to be made. However Ramsauer is hanging him out to dry by specifying that it will only go ahead if the state government of RLP explicitly says that they want it. (And he heightens the insult by implying that they only have 24hrs to so!)Amusing times… bunch of comedians.


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