Finally, a damning leak!

The newspaper Eifel Zeitung reports that the actual cost of the HMÜ – as estimated behind closed doors by “experts in the government department responsible” – will be….

More than 1 Billion Euros!

This thwacks the cost-benefit ratio down to (at best) 0.6 Euro return on every 1 Euro spent. (The current published cost for the project is 330 Million Euros which offers a mariginal benefit of €1.8 to €1, already far below the threshold needed for new projects.) What a bunch of clowns.

The Eifel Zeitung is the only newspaper that investigates local politics on a serious level and pays equal attention to all positions. What a contrast to the heavily biased Trierischer Volksfreund who are still at this late stage trying their best to push this project through. Unfortunately, the TV is the only paper that most Moselaners read – which goes quite a long way to explaining all the apathy and resignation there has been over the years in the valley. But the worm is turning. People are beginning to feel a new power in themselves and take notice of the possibility to reverse decisions, and many are becoming angry that they have been thoroughly duped by a deluge of misinformation about the HMÜ over the years.

Is anyone listening? Traffic Minister Ramsauer especially? Time to pull the plug!


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