Business as usual (sigh, it gets steeper from here on in)

Back to the grindstone, as the Great Mosel Fuck-up rolls on…


Here Greenpeace magazine takes up the reigns. At least the press never gives up on the story, and many disgruntled Green Party members are urging us on alongside (almost) the entire wine world.

You can add your vote to this online poll about what to do now, hosted by Decanter magazine:

Here is my question to the tourism ministry, the German Tourist Board and the World Tourism Organization. As yet I have received no replies:

The following articles clearly demonstrate what a difficult situation Germany has got itself into regarding the building of the bridge ‘Hochmoselübergang’ at the Mosel valley. The national and international press continue to request interviews and cover the story of the campaigners who are determined to fight for the right of German culture to continue to delight the world. More publicity will inevitably ensue as the direness of the situation increases.

These are just the latest reports in a very long list from the New York Times to the BBC to the Financial Times to Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal – as well as all the national German newspapers.
(For other international articles see:

The world firmly states: “Shame on you, Germany!”

Isn’t it time for a sensible dialogue on the value of international tourism at the Mosel?



2 thoughts on “Business as usual (sigh, it gets steeper from here on in)

  1. Matthieu Guinard

    I read that they have difficulties with the geological situation of the construction site… hopefully they’ll have to give up…


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