Action for all our supporters – please spread this news before the deadline

We finally have something for all those of you who have been asking what you can do to support the vintners at the Mosel in their quest to retain their way of making wine without the destructive intervention of a massive road project right over their heads.

The sommelier come social geographer Jessica Pierce has arrived in the valley to document the changes it is going through and disseminate on a larger scale the ongoing problems of the construction of the Mosel Bridge. All you have to do is spread the word about this project, and if you can, donate a sum to help make her film a reality.

Read all the details here, and have a look at the donation page – Jess is offering some beautiful options for her sponsors.

Please make sure you view the rough cut interviews, to get an idea of the scope of the project. Here’s a direct link:

Wishing Jess all the best in raising the funds needed for the project, and you all the best for keeping an eye on developments and your hearts firmly in the right place.


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