The Mosel Bridge – Slip slidin’ away?

Things are somewhat hectic for the campaign against the High Mosel Bridge at the moment. Following the furore caused by an official geological document leaked to Der Spiegel, Pro-Mosel are being inundated with requests from journalists and visits from television crews to the bridge site.
The leaked document was highly critical of the lack of adequate testing on the problematic Ürzig slope, where bridge pillars must be built on a known landslide area.
The state geologist Harald Ehses who at first spoke fully and freely to the press outlining the problems in more detail, has now been silenced by a gagging order from the Green-held Economic Ministry in Mainz. There has been much accompanying commentary, incredulous that such a project could be so poorly planned as to risk its own feasibility.
Full details in English:
Hot off the press: CDU Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär Peter Bleser is writing a letter to Germany’s new transport minister, Alexander Dobrindt to ask for “an assessment of the safety of the Hochmoselübergang”. (Originally posted on SWR: Trier)

You can hear the stomach of Mainz rumbling from the Würzgarten!


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